Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Western Regional Postmasters Meet.
Organisation of the Postmasters Cadre I & II Western Region ( Tamilnadu Circle)

Dear  Comrades,
              Our hearty wishes to all ,  the Most awaited Regional Postmasters meet of the Western Region was organized on 26.08.2012 at Lawley Road Po Gardens .Twenty Two Postmasters of all the Divisions of the Western Region Participated in the meet .   
        The Program began with a Welcome address by the Postmaster of Lawley Road Po , Coimbatore .
        The Voice of Postmasters was organized and all the Participants were given a chance to express their concerns about the Postmaster Cadre and its present day situations.
        The Subjects discussed in the meet is as follows
1.    Postmaster Cadre , its function and importance
2.    Problems faced by the Postmasters
3.    Solutions for various petty issues faced by the Postmasters
4.    Formation of a Separate trade union for Postmasters
5.    Representation of Postmasters in the Monthly and Bi-Monthly meetings
6.    Participation in the forthcoming All India Postmaster’s  conference at Mumbai.

The Following decisions were taken in the Western Regional Postmaster’s meet held at Coimbatore

1.    Postmaster Cadre will be represented by the Present Regional Secretaries of both the union in the Bi-Monthly meeting with the PMGs
2.    One Postmaster will accompany the Divsional Secretary during the Monthly meetings with the Divisional Heads  ( All Divisional Secretaries will be addressed )
3.    Postmasters to Directly address the Divisional Heads for petty issues faced by them and if not solved , will be taken at the Divisional Level .
4.    Formations of Trade Union for Postmasters was discussed and it was finally arrived with the following comments of the participants
a.    Separate Union may not be necessary at this time with regards to the present strength and will be determined after cadre re-structuring .
b.    Separate Union may become necessary  when one cadre one union is enforced by the administration.
c.    Separate Union but under one roof was suggested by most of the participants .
            It is arrived that a Separate Union becomes necessary for the Postmaster Cadre for Proper focusing the demands and settlement of various issues relating to the cadre.

5.    Participation in the All India meet At Mumbai.
                                   It was decided to participate in the all India meet to be held at
Mumbai on  Ist October and the following participants were selected for attending the All India Conference at Mumbai.
1. Sri N. Subramanian   Postmaster Grade II , T C market Po
2. Sri. L. Suresh babu    Postmaster Grade I  Lawley Road Po
3. Sri  R. Natesan           Postmaster Grade I  Ambur Po
4. Sri . V A Loganathan Postmaster Grade I Madukkarai Po
       ( Those who are willing to participate in the all India conference may kindly send their names to Postmaster Grade I , Lawley Road Po)

6.    Subscription for the meet and others
A sum of Rs 200/- was collected for the meet from the participants of the meet .
(Its was also suggested for contribution Rs 200/- by all other Postmasters who have not attended the meet , which will be utilized for the delegation fee and other expenses for the All India Conference . The Contribution may kindly be sent to the Postmaster Grade I , Lawley Road Po Coimbatore. 641003 before 15th September 2012.

      7.     The Meet was concluded with a Vote of Thanks from The Postmaster Grade I , Madukkarai Po Coimbatore.   
with best wishes

Organising Committee
Western Regional Postmasters Meet

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