Thursday, April 24, 2014

Guidance to Postmaster Cadre Officials joining new stations………………

The following guidelines may kindly be followed while assuming charge in a new PO station……

Physical Verification and comparison with data in system
Cash and stamps
Physical verification and comparison with treasury cash book
Savings Bank
Data verification in Sanchay Post using reports option -> Last Balance report -> enter the day of charge -> note down the closing balance of all accounts
(Apply the same kind of procedure for all types of accounts under Reports menu ) intimate the closing balances in a list along with the charge report sent to DO , HO etc and ask for confirmation of the balances .
Establishment strength and working strength
Check the availability of all kinds of basic registers ie..complaints and suggestion register , instructions register , book of information ,  Order books , permanent and temporary stock books , visit register , statistical registers if any
Missing Records
Find out any missing a records if any of the office and report to the Divisional Head Immediately on the day of charge. Ie SB 44 , 45 , BO stats etc.
Treasury records
Cheque Books , drawal & remittance registers , challan booklets , Bank authorization letters , Initial credits etc

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