Thursday, May 1, 2014

Behind Cadre Restructuring of Group C and Position of Postmaster Cadre ........

There is a cloudy of doubts behind the Cadre Restructuring Issue on the Position of Postmaster Cadre ....
On analyses and Clarifications by the AIPEU Group C All India Union , it is cleared to some extent on the status of the Postmaster Cadre and the Possibilities of Higher Pay Scale for the Cadre in the up coming 7th Pay Commission.

As per the Present situation the following is ascertained behind the cadre Restructuring Proposals..

1. All Subpostmasters in single handed and double handed will be placed in the Grade Pay of 2800/-  

( Out of which some of the POs will be Identified for Postmaster Grade I )

2. All SubPostmasters of Triple Handed Post offices and Norm Based LSG Posts will be placed under the grade pay of 4200/-

(The existing Postmaster Grade I Post offices will be upgraded as Postmaster Grade II )

3. All HSG II posts will be placed under 4600/- grade pay along with HSG I posts..

(The existing Postmaster Grade II Post Offices will be identified for Postmaster Grade III )

4. The Post of HSG I Postmasters will be Upgraded to the Post of Senior Postmaster...

( All the Senior Postmaster Posts will be Identified for Postmaster Cadre line Officials )

( This is only a presumption to the issue and not a conclusion )

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