Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reply to Sri Madan Sabnavis 
(Chief Economist and General Manager of Credit Analysis & Research Limited) wrote an article, 
Why 'Post Bank of India' is not a workable idea

Dear Sir,

I have just gone thro your article on "why Post Bank of India is not a Workable Idea " . I was really surprised to see such an article from a high profile economist and a General Manager for CA & RL.

I would like to reply to your points is a very understandable manner...

Firstly..regarding literacy of the staff..
1. Recent recruitment for the lowest Cadre in the Department ie  Branch Postmaster functioning in villages as Gramin Dak Savaks can be seen recruited at 85% to 93 % rank holders  in Tenth Standard and more than 85 % of those people are holders of Bachelor Degree and some are even with Technical Degrees like BE ...

2. Your assumption that they can only classify stamp and document , but cannot go beyond that is totally wrong . Their present job is that and it does not conclude that they cannot do beyond it ..Do you mean that those who have secured high marks and higher qualification but doing a normal job cannot do beyond that ? ( we have a BPM who has just completed his ACS course and in Practical training for 18 months )

3. when there are people with professional qualifications like MCA , BE , etc , will it be very difficult for them to pick up commercial knowledge like banking , insurance etc..very funny..

4. Regarding Deposits and Withdrawals in Post Offices , Basically Post Office savings bank is a function forming part of the banking job. ( The Banking Counters do perform the same kind of Transactions ) . And on the other side of Lending , it need just a standard package of training and a certification from a banking institute.   The recruitment for banks are all based on qualification at degree level and no matter what the degree is and are sent for a standardized training package in the banking training centre. The Successful completion of the training course makes the candidate fit for banking job and is posted to a branch. ( normally the training will provide basic functioning and processing etc and the trainee gains knowledge only at the ground level ).  SO Training in Banking could solve the issue for banking knowledge.

5. Regarding postoffices are found too small in villages and rural areas.. its true and you should know that atleast we have something small at a place .  Developing from something is easier that Bringing  from nothing.

6. The Postal Assistants from India Post may kindly be analysed . Many of them have arrived  from high profile MNCs & Technology companies. Many such candidates are qualified like BA , BSC , BCom , Mcom , BE , ME , MCA, MBA , ICWAIs,ACS, we dont feel that much hard to do a simple banking business which is being run by nationalized and foreign banks.

7.I would like to clear that the Post Bank of India would be brought as corporate limited company under Ministry of communications , India Post and have its own board of directors. The recruitment for Post Bank will be done separately complying with the RBI recruitment rules for banking and will be adopted accordingly and hence the existing employees do not worry about their participation in the project..

Finally Sri, Madam Sabnavis Ji.. As a high profile economist and a general manager .. i hope that Ji should think about bringing out something from a highly established department and use it for the welfare of the village and rural masses , rather than posting such an article degrading the employees and the network.

Knowledge and qualifications cannot be acquired by birth.. it is a process and need to be undergone from school , college , work and experience . All the Banks in India and in the world have come from the first step and expanded at various stages .India Post has a high life since 1898 and still existing with the same majestic outlook.  Many Banks have vanished and many of our competitors have died , but we stood and will stand for ever.

Next time the Publisher of your article will conclude that " Article from Madan Sabnavis ????" haha.
Just wait and see..........

THE EMPLOYEE..................................

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